We live our sport!

Are you looking to improve your skills and have a new challenge? Do you wan't to go on an adventure with your buddy's or just rock the spectacular trails in Zermatt?

Our Guides will be happy to match your expectations.


Adrian Greiner


Adrian founded the BikeSchool
Zermatt from the ground up. He is the driving force behind the bar!

"Let's blast!"




Nik works as a snow sports instructor in the resort. That's why he knows the area like the back of his hand.

"It's all about the flow bro!"


Training Manager


If it comes to riding a trail fast and smooth, Severin is your man. There is hardly a more skillful rider on the hill.

"This is totally rideable."

Antonia Keimer
Max Jacobi
Alexander Lauber
Julia Niederberger
Peter Rölli
Beat Habegger
Michel Wipf
Lukas Imboden
Martin Baudel
Lukas Gerum